Mythomania – Hillary Clinton, Pathological Liar

How’s that debunking working out for you?

Liar is not a new way to describe Hillary Clinton, nor even is pathological liar, narcissistic, or megalomania, among others. A new one to me is mythomania, synonymous with pathological liar, a condition where one lies so frequently on so many things that the lie becomes truth to them.

The thing is, if we were truly to believe that this was an actual psychological condition, we might — might, maybe, conceivably, maybe, OK not really — have some minimal amount of sympathy for her.

Reality is, it is not the lies Hillary tells that she believes, she actually believes she is entitled to a position of being above reproach. Over the years, as far back as her husband’s presidential bid, she has managed to dance around allegation, after allegation, after allegation which includes a body count which is simply staggering.

As recently as Monday, Clinton claimed that the focus on her involvement in the Uranium One deal is an allegation that has been “debunked repeatedly.”

With the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election turning up nothing of substance against Trump, additional sources have turned that investigation on its head to expose again her involvement with that pay for play deal.

With even the Clinton-apologist Washington Post reporting this as factual, her glass house is about to fall apart in shards.



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