He was NOT your child!

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile makes mind-boggling statement about murdered staffer Seth Rich.

In the continuing saga of Democrats imploding and turning on each other as the ship sinks, former DNC Chair Donna Brazile goes on “ABC This Week” this morning to discuss her latest work of fiction — oh, her book — and makes this staggering statement. Watch, with the statement in question at 6:30.

I’m just…

giphy (3)

He was not your child, and I’d be damned surprised if you even knew who he was. If we were to believe the ongoing Democratic narrative from the time Seth Rich was murdered, it was a random robbery gone bad, not an attack on someone about to expose the shenanigans in the DNC and the Hillary for America campaign.

Now we’re supposed to believe the self-aggrandizing and deflecting account of Brazile who claims she was in fear of sniper fire after his death? Really?

Why would you be hunkering in your home afraid of a sniper if he was a random crime victim? If he wasn’t a random crime victim, why have you helped perpetuate a false narrative for over a year? Because you’re a rat trying to distance yourself from a sinking ship, and it’s disgusting. I hope they all get brought up on charges.




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