Over Which I have an Aneurysm – Kate Steinle Case Travesty

We will not tolerate petulance, nor moral penury in officials charged with upholding this great nation. 

I’ve been trying for the better part of the day to start this post without copious amounts of creatively profane vocabulary, and so far have failed.

Kate Steinle’s admitted killer, an illegal alien who has been deported five times before, who has been convicted of multiple felonies, was not only acquitted of murder in her death, but he was not convicted of ANYTHING related to her death, only of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

What the Ever Loving Fuck, Jurors??

1. No gun of the type involved randomly fires three shots, let alone one shot, just by being picked up. It. Can. Not. Happen.

2. This wasn’t a tragic accident, he SHOT her. At the most basic of definitions this was involuntary manslaughter.

3. City of San Francisco, Kate’s blood is on your hands.

Even if we look beyond the failures in border security, the City of San Francisco  requested the killer be transferred to their jurisdiction for a 20-year old drug charge when his latest felony stay on illegal re-entry was coming to an end.

When he got to San Francisco, the drug charges were dropped, and in keeping with their flagrant disregard for federal law, City and County of San Francisco officials authorized his release, refusing to honor the ICE detainer that had been issued for him. He went free on the streets of that city just three months before killing Kate.

One could argue, and I believe, that San Francisco purposefully — with their anti-ICE agenda in mind — requested his transfer to their jurisdiction for the sole purpose of keeping him out of the hands of immigration officials.

The consequences of this pre-meditated act resulted in the death of an innocent woman. Criminal charges should be filed not only in federal court against the killer, but of the officials who enacted these policies and planned to ferry him way from federal authorities.

This case has nothing to do with President Trump and his policies, though the left is busy mocking and crowing about this “victory” of justice, after all the crime happened in 2015, enabled by Obama.

What this case will do, on the other hand, is cement the argument in favor of a full and immediate commencement of building the border wall and the de-funding of cities and jurisdictions who defy federal immigration authority actions.

The left wasn’t done tilting at windmills in regards to immigration, instead they got their friends to hold their nano-brew and doubled down on the crazy.

We will protect the innocent, the citizens of this country and others who are here legally. We will not tolerate petulance, nor moral penury in officials charged with upholding this great nation.

We do not riot in the street over what we don’t like, we do it in the voting booth and in the courts of law. But make no mistake, we are coming for you.


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