I Love the Smell of Coffee and Guns in the Morning!

If you disarm the law-abiding public, all that will remain really will be the inmates running the asylum.  

With the horrific news out of Texas yesterday, the liberals are of course screaming for “common sense gun control,” which of course we already have.

First, some spot-on humor produced by our friends at Black Rifle Coffee back in January. Buy their coffee. Good stuff, Maynard. Then we’ll get to the discussion after the video.

What we know so far:

  • The shooter was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force based on a domestic violence conviction. This is grounds for losing his gun rights.
  • Simple possession of that gun was illegal, even if he had legally obtained it prior to his conviction and discharge.
  • If he purchased it after his conviction and discharge, he perjured himself on the background check application.
  • A neighbor of the church with a lawfully possessed firearm shot and injured the shooter as he attempted to flee, eventually resulting in a crash and the shooter’s death.

What the left screaming for gun control never wants to acknowledge is that the overwhelming majority of gun violence committed in this country is by individuals who are already outlawed from owning or possessing guns, and those guns are most likely stolen.

Every tweet from the left about “it’s not too soon to debate gun control,” which of course is not really an invitation to debate, should be met with a requirement to watch a full episode of Live PD. Criminals with stolen guns committing more crimes.

If you disarm the law-abiding public, all that will remain really will be the inmates running the asylum.


Send in the Marine. Take Back Washington!

Husband, Father, Marine, MBA. My kind of guy!

Husband, Father, Marine, MBA. My kind of guy! Kevin Nicholson is running in Wisconsin for the senate seat currently held by Democrat Tammy Baldwin. We’ve got a year to get Kevin to Washington, but support needs to be deployed now!

Through gaining a strong, Trump-supporting Senate seat through the election of Kevin, we also remove the threat Tammy Baldwin represents with her beliefs:

  • Baldwin is a local advocate for single-payer, government-run healthcare — Because the VA is doing so well as a benchmark for government performance.
  • Baldwin is soft on immigration, even going so far as to vote no on the 2006 Congressional resolution to honor the victims of 9/11 because of alleged divisive language.
  • Baldwin wants to label more private sector employees as lobbyists in the hopes of preventing them from holding key elected offices or committee appointments.
  • Baldwin believes in politics as a profession, business people should be obstructed or even barred from service
  • Baldwin makes specious attacks on those in the financial sector who earn compensation from capital gains of private equity funds as somehow not contributing their fair share.
  • Baldwin voted No in the Senate on every appointment made by President Trump.
  • Baldwin opposes voter ID laws – the most rural of rural Indian and Mexican voters all have ID, there’s no reason we can’t accomplish the same.

Our first hurdle is securing the primary election for Kevin. Show your support for this patriot Marine and Trump supporter today, with even the smallest of donations. Send in the Marine. Take Back Washington!