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Secrets, Scandals, and Sanctimony

A relatively simple summary of this week’s news bombs

If you’re like a lot of us, this week has seemed like an never-ending flood of scandals, both old and new, denials, rebuttals, and obfuscations. So much so, that it’s hard to keep track of everything going on.

People far more connected than I are actively following these stories, but we’ll take a look at the top issues of the week, in no particular order.

The unsealing of JFK documents 

For over 50 years, much of the investigation of the assassination of President John F Kennedy has been surrounded in secrecy and suppressed from the public view with the sealing of investigation and background documents.

An estimated 3,600 documents had still been under seal at the National Archives. Legislation passed in 1992 set a deadline for the release of these documents, which was set as 25 years after the legislation past, October 26, 2017. President Trump announced he would release the document, pending any necessary review.

More than 2,000 of those documents were released last night, with others held back at the request of the FBI and CIA. What excerpts have surfaced are certainly some of the more salacious contents.

While much supposition is flying about the “Deep State” then, and how it ties back to today, the most interesting part of the read so far is the view from the mid to late 60s of Russia and spycraft, keeping in mind this was the era of the rise of Castro’s Cuba and the related Cuban Missile Crisis. There’s enough material to keep conspiracy theorists frantic for several years.

My take? Historically interesting. Everyone is dirty in the spy game. The big questions will remain unanswered.

Robert Mueller and the Russia Probe

Related to the next item, Mueller had been tasked with investigating alleged collusion between the Russian Federation an President Trump’s campaign during the 2016 elections. Nothing substantive at all has come from these inquiries. With the surfacing of new information about the Uranium One deal (next) that included questionable actions on the part of the FBI which Mueller headed up between 2001 and 2013, there are calls for him to step down from this investigation, and rightfully so.

If Mueller were to stay involved in this case, he would effectively be investigating the decisions he himself made as FBI Director, or actions that he authorized and condoned. That this presents a conflict of interest is patently obvious, even the

My take? Mueller must step down. The focus of this inquiry needs to shift to the actions surrounding the run-up to and completion of the Uranium One deal, as well as the rising evidence of collusion not from the Trump camp, but from Clinton’s.

Uranium One

The fact that Hillary Clinton approved and arranged the sale of 20% of our uranium to a Russian-backed firm is really undisputed at this point. The radioactivity level of this deal gets even worse with the typical Clinton pay-to-play actions of accepting a HALF MILLION dollar payment to Bill Clinton for a speech in Moscow, and up to $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation filtered through third parties.

An FBI informant has long been gagged from testifying to Congress on this issue (who is wagging the dog here?), and that gag order has just been lifted, with the expectation of incredibly damning evidence about HRC’s involvement, the FBI’s failure to report Russian activities related to it, and the money trail. Always the money trail.

This Fox News piece with Sebastian Gorka details things nicely.

My take? Between this and the dossier, Clinton is toast, and several people should end up in prison.

The Dossier

The dossier, a briefing paper of sorts about an individual, is a document waved around during and since the presidential election in 2016 as “proof” of President Trump’s collusion with the Russians to influence the outcome of said election.

First, let’s be very clear. Governments and high-profile individuals — and even regular people thanks to the Internet — have long taken interest in the outcome of elections and legislation of other countries. This isn’t new, nor is it nefarious.

The United States has had varying levels of success in supporting one regime or another in dozens of countries around the globe over the history of our nation. That Russia might want to have the election turn out one way or the other is no surprise, nor honestly, would be the production of “news” stories, Facebook posts, and other online information designed to sway opinion. We certainly yap our heads off about Brexit, matters before the EU, and the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of regime changes in less developed countries.

There’s also a concept in elections known as “opposition research.” One side tries to dig up dirt on the other side, see the never ending string of “attack ads” that happen every election cycle.

This dossier was used in the election and since the election to pummel the public with the suggestion that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in order to turn the election in his favor. I’ve long found this preposterous on a number of fronts, primarily the Uranium One deal – we gave them 20% of our uranium, why would Putin then want to ally with Trump who is campaigning on America first?

This week’s information is that while the funding for this dossier allegedly started with a Republican donor who was backing someone other than Trump, when that was set aside, Hillary’s campaign AND the DNC picked up the tab for over $6 million in expenditures, and then buried the spend as legal expenses instead of declaring such research efforts as required by elections law.

On the surface this may sound like a semantic argument to some, and maybe a little creative accounting, but…this was used as the basis for the entire Mueller investigation. Illegally obtained documents, created through espionage, were tendered as the basis for a federal investigation. This is way more than about who wrote the check.

My take? There’s much more going on under the surface here, we haven’t even begun to hear about it yet. This will be big. Yuge.

One for You and One for You!

Debunk This!!

There’s so much happening today that it’s tough to pick just one that makes me the happiest, but I think by far is the lifting of the gag order allowing the FBI informant to testify about all the juicy details of #UraniumOne.

Let’s see you #DebunkThis Hillary!

Mythomania – Hillary Clinton, Pathological Liar

How’s that debunking working out for you?

Liar is not a new way to describe Hillary Clinton, nor even is pathological liar, narcissistic, or megalomania, among others. A new one to me is mythomania, synonymous with pathological liar, a condition where one lies so frequently on so many things that the lie becomes truth to them.

The thing is, if we were truly to believe that this was an actual psychological condition, we might — might, maybe, conceivably, maybe, OK not really — have some minimal amount of sympathy for her.

Reality is, it is not the lies Hillary tells that she believes, she actually believes she is entitled to a position of being above reproach. Over the years, as far back as her husband’s presidential bid, she has managed to dance around allegation, after allegation, after allegation which includes a body count which is simply staggering.

As recently as Monday, Clinton claimed that the focus on her involvement in the Uranium One deal is an allegation that has been “debunked repeatedly.”

With the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election turning up nothing of substance against Trump, additional sources have turned that investigation on its head to expose again her involvement with that pay for play deal.

With even the Clinton-apologist Washington Post reporting this as factual, her glass house is about to fall apart in shards.


Math is White – Liberals Lacking Logic

Oh wait, logic is mathy too.

A University of Illinois professor who teaches curriculum and instruction apparently sincerely holds the belief that math, algebra, and geometry promote white privilege. Ian Miles Cheong over at the Daily Caller writes about the latest lobotomized liberal to show an astonishing lack of sense at an institute of higher learning.

Rachel Gutierrez believes that math stands in the way of social justice. Math, one of the most pure sciences fails poor students of color because it is taught by people holding a “deficit view” of minority students. In other words, she’s a social justice warrior mad at numbers. Bless her heart.

First let’s dispel any notion of mathematics being the domain of white people. Prehistoric people knew how to count physical objects, and the Lebombo bone of ancient Africa suggests they have may conceptualized counting abstract objects as well. The Egyptians and Babylonians — civilizations that were not white people — first began using what can be recognized as modern arithmetic, algebra, and geometry 5,000 years ago. The Greeks developed a systemic study of mathematics 2,500 years later. Persian — not white — mathematicians extended that work a thousand years later.

The Mayans and other Mesoamerican cultures — not white, seeing a trend? — developed a base 20 number system and applied use of mathematics in astronomy. Chinese mathematics — again, not white — developed concurrently but independently of the early Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek achievements, and even surpassing them as these civilizations declined.

Gutierrez’s argument seems to be flimsily built on the premise that because we use Greek symbols in higher math, and theorems such as the Pythagorean theorem are naked after Greeks, that the concepts represented are somehow less accessible to people who are not white. Logic is clearly not her strong suit.

She bemoans the fact that the ubiquitous nature of math in the modern world gives an “unearned privilege” to those who have mathematical competency. Setting aside the entire specious concept of “unearned privilege,” the reality is that mathematics is embedded in nearly everything that we do. It’s not just rocket science anymore.

Assertions that students are somehow othered and suffer microaggressions — don’t even get me started — if they are perceived to not be mathematical is classic liberal victimology.

Rather than focusing on the “identity politics” of math, as an alleged expert on instruction Guiterrez should be worked to support the ongoing efforts of advocacy organization working to bring STEM to elementary school students, particularly to girls and minority students who are far more likely to succumb to the false idea that math is simply too hard for them, an idea disabused in a 2013 article in The Atlantic.

Math built the pyramids; in Egypt, and for the Mayan people. Geometry and math built Stonehenge. Astrological calendars required the geometric concepts of angles and degrees of a circle.

The false dichotomy of students who use math and students who don’t needs to be washed away.

Fine arts students use math. Music has meter. Sculptors must understand volume and phsyics, both relying on mathematical concepts. Theater students use geometric concepts of stage blocking, lighting design, and more.

Students of sociology, anthropology, biology, and nearly every other field of study relies on statistics and all the sigmas, regressions, and other mathematical models used to find causation, and not just correlation.

All students need to be thoroughly exposed to math, algebra, and geometry. Professions of today and even more of tomorrow will require math skills as a foundational element of the body of knowledge required to succeed.

What students don’t need is spurious assertions that math is white, that pi is privilege, or that radii are racist.

#FactsFirst Donald J. Trump is our President

It’s true, no matter how many times you cry about it.

CNN, a true bastion of solid journalism, decided today that we should view them as paragons of truth. After all, they feed us apples. Apples, not bananas, no matter how much someone might try to portray an apple is a banana, it’s not true. It’s an apple.

Thank you, CNN, for that lesson in produce identification.

Here’s one for you — Donald J. Trump is our President. No matter how hard you cry, “Not my President!” 

Send in the Marine. Take Back Washington!

Husband, Father, Marine, MBA. My kind of guy!

Husband, Father, Marine, MBA. My kind of guy! Kevin Nicholson is running in Wisconsin for the senate seat currently held by Democrat Tammy Baldwin. We’ve got a year to get Kevin to Washington, but support needs to be deployed now!

Through gaining a strong, Trump-supporting Senate seat through the election of Kevin, we also remove the threat Tammy Baldwin represents with her beliefs:

  • Baldwin is a local advocate for single-payer, government-run healthcare — Because the VA is doing so well as a benchmark for government performance.
  • Baldwin is soft on immigration, even going so far as to vote no on the 2006 Congressional resolution to honor the victims of 9/11 because of alleged divisive language.
  • Baldwin wants to label more private sector employees as lobbyists in the hopes of preventing them from holding key elected offices or committee appointments.
  • Baldwin believes in politics as a profession, business people should be obstructed or even barred from service
  • Baldwin makes specious attacks on those in the financial sector who earn compensation from capital gains of private equity funds as somehow not contributing their fair share.
  • Baldwin voted No in the Senate on every appointment made by President Trump.
  • Baldwin opposes voter ID laws – the most rural of rural Indian and Mexican voters all have ID, there’s no reason we can’t accomplish the same.

Our first hurdle is securing the primary election for Kevin. Show your support for this patriot Marine and Trump supporter today, with even the smallest of donations. Send in the Marine. Take Back Washington!